22 May 2016

I haven't posted in a very long while. Not much has changed. I acquired and conquered my annual case of bronchitis for the fourth year in a row. Lasted nearly 4 months. I'm still watching Kdramas. Royal Gambler, aka Jackpot, is a historic yet modern series. Can't explain it. Just watch it. The boys are hot.

Unbelievably how fast times flies, I have been working at my job for almost three years now, my anniversary is coming up in July. Everyday I have fun, a little bit of stress, but I am grateful that I enjoy what I'm doing, my co-workers, and my surroundings. Doesn't hurt that there's coffeehouses up & down the block.

My baby niece isn't a baby anymore. She has a nine month old sister. I have an almost two year old nephew. Everybody is fine. And the world is my oyster.

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