15 May 2014

The more time I spend with my three year old niece the more nostalgic I become. I think she was a techie zygote in the womb. Gotta remember to ask her mom if she noticed her holding a smart phone in the sonograms. Her current birthday wish was for a pink iPad. Kids nowadays are beyond sophisticated which is probably a good thing but I think everybody needs a little bit of naivete.

I struggle with manual hard work vs technological speed. Ask Siri where the closest ATM is, find the best burger in Vegas on Yelp! or possibly tweet with your favorite celeb. Yes, these inventions are lifesavers. Have to confess that I am usually on Instagram when I should be doing something more constructive.

Journaling manifested into blogging. Adobe replaced markers, colored pencils and glitter. I will love Illustrator until the day I die, but I equally love to hear the scratch of a good ink pen. Collages. Painting. I would draw logos with a ruler on drafting paper. Magazine clippings of my favorite bands then running them through the xerox to make envelopes. The Replacements. If you remember xerox machines and The Replacements then you might be ancient like me.

Each decade has something new and it's amazing that even as old as we grow, we can adapt. Essential and exciting. Vinyl, mixed tapes, CD's, Napster. Celluloid, Blockbuster rentals, DVR, Netflix. Pin-hole camera, Eastman Kodak, Polaroid, one hour developing, iPhone. Carrier pigeon, e-mail, texting.

I want Kayla's life to be enhanced with crepe paper, plastic scissors and Elmer's Glue. Put down the iPad, baby. Hopefully her horizons will broaden when she enters preschool.