10 September 2013

I love chicken tenders. That's no secret. Picked up Twinkies at the local Circle K for dessert. The lady commented, "they look smaller."

As I drove home I thought about Ali. She is my only favorite bride on Four Weddings. The show has a lighthearted concept that four newlyweds are vying for the chance of an all-expenses paid exotic honeymoon. She only eats five things: pizza, pasta, fried chicken, pancakes and cinnamon rolls. Sounds like my diet (although I prefer waffles). She baked a Funfetti cake at home and was really jumping in there with both feet. Her fiance, later turned hubby, seemed to take it in stride... luckily she had a great body and wasn't on Buldging Brides instead.

She reminded me of a wacky version of Carrie Underwood on steroids, a female Calvin who loves to eat Sugar Bombs with Hobbes, an elfin youngster who could swipe cookies from under Santa's nose. "And A Fast Food Diet... " was an entertaining episode. Ali had a wide-eyed sense of fun and adventure except when it came to food. She never wanted to try anything that was out of her comfort zone. She was saying things like, "she can have my share!" like I would. Are we twins separated at birth? She was so excited when one of the other brides had a Mac 'n Cheese Station. She wanted to implement one in her own kitchen. Good idea! 

Watch it and see how it ends...

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