23 August 2013

I try not to blog about things that really bug me but sometimes there are isues I want to get off my chest for whatever reason. Never wanting to make people feel badly, I try to find the positive aspect to every situation.

Case in point: I've discovered that it's iffy to order anything "custom-made" over the internet because, A) the logo I wanted designed was very expensive and I probably could have done a better job myself, and B) there is no real control even when JPGs are involved in e-mails. I did have success when a really cool artist drew a picture for me for a tattoo; one try and she hit the nail on the head.

I discovered someone created handwritten lyrics on shoes. They were advertised as white ballet flats featuring the person's amazing penning. With lots of back and forth contact, I felt like I wanted to oblige her, saying that there was no rush for getting the item to me and that I was a laid-back person. She was enthusiastic but I think in her striving to please me, things had sort of gotten botched because, A) the shoe that was on the site didn't come in my size so an alternate of a slip-on Vans-type was offered, which was okay with me, and B) some of the lyrics were wrong. She had shown me a pics through e-mails, I guess that was sort of my bad but she had already made them. 

It would have been better for her to just say that she couldn't find the shoe instead of saying she was driving all over town, I should have cancelled the order, no sweat. It was a big concern that I wear a true-to-size 6 but she bought a 7, since it fit her size 6 friend's feet, but they are too baggy for me. I'm going to have to toss them, because what am I going to do with them? She suggested that I should purchase some sealer so they would not get smudged. I believe she should include that in her process. She offered to re-do them but I felt exhausted and I sensed she did too. Just breathe and let it go. Chalk it up to experience.

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