27 July 2013

a little japanese girl who everybody loves

Maybe I'll dream about Kurebayashi tonight.
Oh my gosh, my penchant for dreaming about people on tv happened again. I met Chris Powell, Extreme Weight Loss guru, with whom I've been crushing on for awhile. He was in my cloudland periphery. If I ever wrote my memoir, I'd consider Sleeping With The Stars as a title.

I sob from beginning to end while I watch EWL. I used to love The Biggest Loser (I'd watch the first & last episodes actually) but grew wearisome of Jillian's in yo' face tactics. Her nostrils right up in your grill, ewww!

Everybody Loves Chris. Honestly. He has never failed a client yet, and they haven't either. It might have something to do with his comforting hugs, bedroom voice, or muscles that bulge out from his tee shirts. Whatever the reason, he knows his shit. He's strong but reassuring.

His show is special. He takes them hiking in the Grand Canyon, redecorates their houses (not him personally), denistry (not him personally), recruited Richard Simmons to do the twist, road trips to meet their long-lost parents, playing football with famous athletes, and zip-lining. Pushing every person to their limit and beyond. Conquering fear. That's what life's about.

15 July 2013

emily the strange by dyakie via deviantart

I love Emily. My four tattoos should confirm that. These Photoshop brushes are everything. Paint it black.

09 July 2013

I just watched The Man Who Wasn't There with Billy Bob Thornton, as a dissatisfied barber, and his wife Frances Mcdormand, as a sour alcoholic, in the nucleus of their misconduct in 1949. The tangled and shadowy chain of events are heightened by the film noir style. Thornton schemes to gain money for an investment in dry cleaning, since he's desperate to escape his emptiness, that goes terribly off the rails. James Gandolfini portrays a philandering businessman Thornton befriends and ultimately blackmails him for sleeping with his wife. Scarlett Johannson plays Birdy, an impossibly flawless-looking child, who's piano playing gives Thornton dreams of a second chance at life.

My thoughts flood back to last Friday morning bringing me to the realization I had dreamt about James again. I'm beginning to wonder what his message can be. Mentioning it to my boyfriend and he shakes his head in a way that not even I can blame him. My suggestion is maybe it's the Salty Watermelon Vodka & Sprite we had been sipping the previous evening. It's comforting that a stratchy tenored 1979 "Class Flirt" cherub is visiting me, I just don't know why.

01 July 2013

i wanna fly...

Told my boyfriend about my REM adventures featuring James Gandolfini. I have an incredible gift for dreaming about famous people. Some of my other attributes may not be as charming, but this one I love.  JG was being the great guy that I know he was in real life and most likely was sent to me in the form of a quixotic angel. Gagoots! Absolute true story of my nocturnal playground but I have to stop writing blogs after drinking half of a bottle of white wine.