21 June 2013

I'm thinking about the shocking and sorrowful passing of one of my favorite actors. Ask my true love and he'll confirm that I refer to James Gandolfini as "my boyfriend" whenever he'd appear on screen. My mom loved the series and recorded some episodes for me on VHS (geez, I'm old!), now I download and watch on my iMac (technology rocks!) and thought Tony was kinda sexy. Who didn't?! It's funny that most die-hard fans felt like they had been shortchanged by the finale.  To me it was marvelously naive that they used Don't Stop Believin' as they noshed on "best in the state" onion rings. A little cheesy maybe, but after 9 years of up & down relationships, even if tumultuous most of the time, the love in the family remained.

My favorite scene is when Tony was sitting in Holsten's waiting for Anthony Jr., he asked Carmela, "where's Gagoots?" Arthur Nascarella, who played Carlo Gervasi, reminisced with Dr Drew, nicknamed Gandolfini "Gagoots" (means squash in Italian and also slang for "crazy") when they were first introduced. Wow, I thought that was a cool tribute to a friend and great inside joke.

This always tickled me and thought I'd share it with you. Watch the full 4.5 minutes for the whole story:


09 June 2013

oh hell yeah.
photo by pf_xo

Kinda like a yummy donut bar in Fuel at HRHC.

02 June 2013

I was kinda shocked that I didn't realize Ellen Wong is on The Carrie Diaries, a show I really do watch (please refer to My Love Affair With Sugar) even though my boyfriend razzes me about it. She plays Mouse, Carrie's bff. I hadn't seen it in awhile, so I looked it up on Wikipedia, who I'd die without, and am happy to find that the show will be back this Fall.