03 April 2013

Yesterday morning was filled with trying to get myself up & running. My second visit at CVS Minute Clinic because the earliest appointment I can schedule with my doctor is on Friday. Got some Tessalon Perle and syrup with codeine. I've discovered that my itchy throat is only soothed by chewing gum, and by now feels like it has been ravaged by cheap whiskey, 100 cigarettes in the course of 3 days, and my timbre is sounding a little eerily like Mercedes McCambridge. I feel crummy my fits of coughing wakes me up during the the middle of the night, only because it disrupts my sleeping sweetheart but he  just shakes it off and doesn't even get mad. I'm not saying this lightly, but I think the guy is a saint.

I usually watch CBS morning news to see Gayle King (I truly wish her talk show wasn't cancelled). Sherri Shepherd was a guest on Channel 7 and I saw her as I flipped the dial but she kept talking about her "broken uterus!" I mean over & over. I don't know if I was just annoyed because I'm ailing or if she was simply annoying. One of the females on the panel chucklingly said, "How many times can we say 'uterus'?" The other chimed in, "Yeah, like on Sesame Street." It was just weird and disturbing. Click. Back to Gayle.

As I find out that I have a slight case of bronchitis, I see the Kardashians' line of make-up. I love false eyelashes and want to try theirs' because they have sexy shapes, great for batting, and are reasonably priced at $6.49. I just accidentally saw them advertised on eBay for $15.99. WTF?!

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