08 April 2013

Started watching The Crow yesterday, continuing it now, and listening to the Cure's Play For Today from another room. The two seem to be tied together.

Trying to comprehend that it's been almost 20 years since The Crow was released really proves time passes too fast. Forlorn thinking about how Bruce died then Brandon, who's luminescent future never played out, and it's hard not to wonder what he'd be doing now if he were alive. It would have been interesting if he had a son, a third generation Lee.

So frustrating and goofy that I'm viewing a jigsawed version, stuffed with commercial breaks and stupid voice-overs, like "fouled-up," substituting "kiss" for "fuck" and bleep for "shit." I think I have it somewhere on DVD but I know every line so I guess I'll just suffer through the dorky dialogue that someone has inserted into the filthy mouths of the villainous crew spewing out towards my poetically tragic hero.

Trying to do housework. Today I'm in the mood for a little light spring cleaning. After an hour of movement, still a little bit under the weather, I feel winded. I keep clearing my throat which has become a pesky habit. It's around noon and my morning consumption consists of half of a Very Green smoothie from Trader Joe's, a cup of coffee and some Coke Zero. Some people could live off of that, not me. Guess I better eat.

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