02 March 2013

So it's March. One fourth of the year gone. Damn.

Volunteering the other night was fantastic. It's a chance to mingle with different personalities and to help my community. I'm walking around and see a little kid's shoe on the floor. It was warm so I figured somebody must have been wearing it. I circled around and nobody seemed to know where the little boy was. Finally a woman claimed him. He was in the middle of the room, squatting down wearing a pair of girl's shoes covering about half of each foot, with a transfixed, loving gaze. His mom commented, "Sorry! He always does that when we're at the store." Finally, his mom's friend picked him up and the shoes fell off. Lol! It's times like these that make it fun.

Catfish: The Tv Show Reunion. I only watched the first two meetings. I wanted to see Mhissy and Jasmine most of all. I guess I still can't believe how gullible people can be. The funniest part was at the beginning when Suchin Pak said that lots of people wanted to know if Nev & Max were a couple? No. I was wondering that too.

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