16 March 2013

this guy was in my dentist's office!

maybe someday.
photo by pinkfrosting_xo

I had the weirdest day yesterday, 50% sucked and 50% excellent.

First I go to the dentist, which really isn't the most fun thing to do but am overjoyed that I don't have any cavaties and my chompers are good for another six months. I love my hygienist who is very gentle, and my doctor who is sweet enough to give me a toothache.

Then I head over to the mall, an infrequent trip, just because I've been thinking about trying Potato Corner. I'm totally excited. Is that strange? Gotta love a place who's sizes are: jumbo, mega & giga. They were super busy and it was the lunchtime rush. Each order is made right on the spot so the spuds aren't waiting to be dished out or sitting under heat lamps. There were only two employees but they were really friendly despite the crush of customers.

I'm driving on the freeway, all hyped up to try my treat, and I'm just about 3 minutes away from my off-ramp when some stupid asshole in a big white truck cuts me off trying to merge into my lane. Hence, causing my sour cream and green onion Loopy fries to tumble all over my vehicle's rug. Shit. If you see this cretin in a big white truck, please call 911!

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