23 March 2013

I'm still watching the Jodi Arias trial. It's been going on two months now, and really getting boring. The prosecutor is grilling her "expert witness" (her psychologist spanning three years back) and making him look really bad, almost fraudulent, and I'm beginning to sort of feel sorry for him. Well, he did give her a Self Help book and a greeting card, which is a little beyond the scope of a doctor/patient relationship.

My favorite show is Dr Drew On Call because they show clips of the daily proceedings and do a sort of Pop-Up Video of all her crackpot behavior, interview Travis' friends and show exclusive footage of when the couple first met. My boyfriend loves when Jodi did a headstand against the wall ("gymnast?") when she was in the interrogation room when she was first arrested. It really sucks that her defense team is portraying Travis as an evil guy, pedophile, sexual deviant, abuser when in reality she most likely pushed this handsome, bright, hopeful man into a stalker situation. I was entertained by the blonde Jodi but the courtroom Jodi is kinda gross. Can you believe there are already three women on death row in Arizona?

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