27 March 2013

I am still not feeling that great, after coming down with a flu bug, but it has only been about 24 hours that I've been re-cooping. It sucks because I was going to visit my niece and her daughter. I miss that little doll. What now will cure my blues?

Today I got my hair cut by one of my favorite stylists who works at the mall. Shockingly I see it. I was so overjoyed when I spotted Potato Corner on the way to get my bangs trimmed. All I can think of is how that lowlife creep cut me off on the freeway (I really don't hold grudges except in the case of french fries) and the pure intensity of carb overload.  

Remember what happened last time I tried to eat these starchy morsels? (If not, please refer.) The reason why I was so blissed out is because this Potato Corner is brand-new and at a different location. Guess what? "We open tomorrow. After 2pm." Damn.

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