27 March 2013

I am still not feeling that great, after coming down with a flu bug, but it has only been about 24 hours that I've been re-cooping. It sucks because I was going to visit my niece and her daughter. I miss that little doll. What now will cure my blues?

Today I got my hair cut by one of my favorite stylists who works at the mall. Shockingly I see it. I was so overjoyed when I spotted Potato Corner on the way to get my bangs trimmed. All I can think of is how that lowlife creep cut me off on the freeway (I really don't hold grudges except in the case of french fries) and the pure intensity of carb overload.  

Remember what happened last time I tried to eat these starchy morsels? (If not, please refer.) The reason why I was so blissed out is because this Potato Corner is brand-new and at a different location. Guess what? "We open tomorrow. After 2pm." Damn.

26 March 2013

only thing that will make me feel better today.

animal shaped nuggets with ketchup.
found on polyvore

23 March 2013

found on wehearit.com

I'm still watching the Jodi Arias trial. It's been going on two months now, and really getting boring. The prosecutor is grilling her "expert witness" (her psychologist spanning three years back) and making him look really bad, almost fraudulent, and I'm beginning to sort of feel sorry for him. Well, he did give her a Self Help book and a greeting card, which is a little beyond the scope of a doctor/patient relationship.

My favorite show is Dr Drew On Call because they show clips of the daily proceedings and do a sort of Pop-Up Video of all her crackpot behavior, interview Travis' friends and show exclusive footage of when the couple first met. My boyfriend loves when Jodi did a headstand against the wall ("gymnast?") when she was in the interrogation room when she was first arrested. It really sucks that her defense team is portraying Travis as an evil guy, pedophile, sexual deviant, abuser when in reality she most likely pushed this handsome, bright, hopeful man into a stalker situation. I was entertained by the blonde Jodi but the courtroom Jodi is kinda gross. Can you believe there are already three women on death row in Arizona?

19 March 2013

believe it or not i love green food at home with my (semi-)healthy meals made with (semi-)homemade cooking.
photos by pf_xo

lovely thoughts on Melrose avenue. 
photo by pf_xo

16 March 2013

oh. em. gee.
this guy was in my dentist's office!

maybe someday.
photo by pinkfrosting_xo

I had the weirdest day yesterday, 50% sucked and 50% excellent.

First I go to the dentist, which really isn't the most fun thing to do but am overjoyed that I don't have any cavaties and my chompers are good for another six months. I love my hygienist who is very gentle, and my doctor who is sweet enough to give me a toothache.

Then I head over to the mall, an infrequent trip, just because I've been thinking about trying Potato Corner. I'm totally excited. Is that strange? Gotta love a place who's sizes are: jumbo, mega & giga. They were super busy and it was the lunchtime rush. Each order is made right on the spot so the spuds aren't waiting to be dished out or sitting under heat lamps. There were only two employees but they were really friendly despite the crush of customers.

I'm driving on the freeway, all hyped up to try my treat, and I'm just about 3 minutes away from my off-ramp when some stupid asshole in a big white truck cuts me off trying to merge into my lane. Hence, causing my sour cream and green onion Loopy fries to tumble all over my vehicle's rug. Shit. If you see this cretin in a big white truck, please call 911!

10 March 2013

Went to my baby niece's second birthday party today. She is the cutest girl ever and getting more gorgeous by the day. Not only because of her beauty, but she's smart, giggly, and is the ultimate joy personified. Couldn't love her any more even if I tried. I'm pooped!

who doesn't love a good bbq'd hot dog?!
my sweetie's growing up too fast.
photos by pinkfrosting_xo

I want this outfit! The handbag is my favorite thing. Photo from Kera magazine.

06 March 2013

Black & white, my favorite photos for today.

  • Rock and roll stand mixer
  • Meow
  • The Lennox
  • One-piece
  • Summer nights
  • Awww . . .
  • Found on Zsa Zsa Bellagio's blog
  • Ultimate pairing: chocolate coconut

02 March 2013

So it's March. One fourth of the year gone. Damn.

Volunteering the other night was fantastic. It's a chance to mingle with different personalities and to help my community. I'm walking around and see a little kid's shoe on the floor. It was warm so I figured somebody must have been wearing it. I circled around and nobody seemed to know where the little boy was. Finally a woman claimed him. He was in the middle of the room, squatting down wearing a pair of girl's shoes covering about half of each foot, with a transfixed, loving gaze. His mom commented, "Sorry! He always does that when we're at the store." Finally, his mom's friend picked him up and the shoes fell off. Lol! It's times like these that make it fun.

Catfish: The Tv Show Reunion. I only watched the first two meetings. I wanted to see Mhissy and Jasmine most of all. I guess I still can't believe how gullible people can be. The funniest part was at the beginning when Suchin Pak said that lots of people wanted to know if Nev & Max were a couple? No. I was wondering that too.