08 February 2013

jodi's mug shot

I'm a little bit bummed. It started raining right when I was going to step outside to do errands. Also Jodi Arias' trial isn't going to resume until Monday. Day 3 testimony was stunning.

Saw Jodi before on one of the Datelines or 20/20s or something. It's easy to be consumed by her. The story of her abusive childhood, being chased around by her mom with a wooden spoon, killer ninjas, and her defense attorney showing Travis' naked genitalia to the courtroom. Her demeanor is intensely collected. She looks tiny but with the wheels in her mind circling. I love mysteries, who-done-its, and real-life stories that don't even seem possible. How could a seemingly normal but sexy pin-up girl (not present here on the witness stand) be up for the death penalty? I'm just trying to examine Jodi's brain chemistry.

Watched a new show called The Face. It reminds me of a cross between The X-Factor and America's Next Top Model. It's just okay. There's a couple of girls I like and would love to see in the finals. Actually the main reason I wanted to check it out was because of Nigel Barker.

Oh yaay . . . the sun came out . . .

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