26 February 2013

how cool to get a love letter from cary grant!

I love this inky hand lettered return address. Enamored! Movie star or not, you can order a personalized rubber stamp from Paper Pastries.
I finally tried fonuts! "Don't call it a donut." They are like donuts but baked and/or steamed but never fried. Not sure which flavors are vegan and/or gluten free. The one I got was glazed with sprinkles. So damn delicious, moist, and cake-y. It was light as a cloud, thought it might rise to the sky. I am pretty certain that I want to try a few more on the menu. Soon.

on 3rd in LA. 
. . . or fallen from heaven?

only in beverly hills you can find
where gregory meets peck.
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24 February 2013

My new pair of shoes! Iron Fist.

love the unique details
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21 February 2013

Gotta admit, I kinda want one of these.

with cupcakes in her eyes
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Bright colors make me happy.

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18 February 2013

Just saw this. Pretty amazing, actually.

Hadn't heard about this movie (it's from 2007), but saw this picture next to the description on the "tv guide" channel and became intrigued. It's about a high-school skateboarder and his friends. One night they hop a moving train, the guard see them and tries to remove them, resulting in tragedy.

The photogenic Gabe Nevins portrays the sensitive teen in the middle of the accident, the painfully gorgeous Taylor Momsen is his confused girlfriend, and is poignantly directed by Gus Van Sant with a sweeping soundtrack by Elliot Smith.

12 February 2013

I should be driving this!

Mindy Kaling was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. JK is so funny and said something about Bruno Mars that I will never forget: "He's doing a new version of Locked Out Of Heaven and this time actually finds the key." Heeeee . . .

Had a quick burst of energy and began and completed my valentines. Even mailed them just in time. Sorta upset me that the automated machine messed up by taking my money and not spitting out the postage. I had to ask the employees twice for help; they were really busy, but the automated machines are supposed to be a faster way. (The lady behind me was so cool and was trying to help me, aww!) Finally some woman came out and I heard her grumbling, "she probably didn't check the slot or it fell out." I mean how rude is that!? It's your job to help customers, right? So I had to go through a whole routine of getting a refund, filling out paperwork, etc. Geez! 

10 February 2013

Its almost Valentines Day and I haven't even thought of what to do. I usually send out cards and goodies but this year I am stumped. I'm not really in the mood right now. Maybe a cup of coffee might help.

My bff, that I've known for about a century, is a very busy girl. She always takes the time to send a little token of love. She is extremely prompt. I think I received this the beginning of February! She is one of the most thoughtful people in my life.

sophie nyweide
If you are in search of a uniquely charming movie, try An Invisible Sign, with Jessica Alba. She plays a quirky math teacher who uses numbers to deal with situations in life. Her pupils are convincingly bratty or filled with sorrow. It's beautifully wrapped up, and just the way I wanted it to end.

09 February 2013

08 February 2013

jodi's mug shot

I'm a little bit bummed. It started raining right when I was going to step outside to do errands. Also Jodi Arias' trial isn't going to resume until Monday. Day 3 testimony was stunning.

Saw Jodi before on one of the Datelines or 20/20s or something. It's easy to be consumed by her. The story of her abusive childhood, being chased around by her mom with a wooden spoon, killer ninjas, and her defense attorney showing Travis' naked genitalia to the courtroom. Her demeanor is intensely collected. She looks tiny but with the wheels in her mind circling. I love mysteries, who-done-its, and real-life stories that don't even seem possible. How could a seemingly normal but sexy pin-up girl (not present here on the witness stand) be up for the death penalty? I'm just trying to examine Jodi's brain chemistry.

Watched a new show called The Face. It reminds me of a cross between The X-Factor and America's Next Top Model. It's just okay. There's a couple of girls I like and would love to see in the finals. Actually the main reason I wanted to check it out was because of Nigel Barker.

Oh yaay . . . the sun came out . . .

04 February 2013

gordon ramsay steak
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On our next trip to Vegas, we might try Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Caesars Palace. Anyone know what a Spotted Dog is? This restaurant received 3/5 stars on Yelp. Can't wait to see how many stars I will give.

Watching the Jodi Arias death-penalty murder trial. I am totally intrigued with her. I'm wondering if her defense attorney asked her to downplay her blonde sex kitten appearance and turned her into a mousy brunette. Jodi is so calm. And a little nutty!

I never watch The Doctors but I had to record it today. The whole show is about buns, color of, wiping and farts. I don't know if I'll be able to handle it!

03 February 2013

Burgr by Gordon Ramsay. 5 STARS! Great lunch in Planet Hollywood. I love watching him on tv when he describes food looking "like baby vomit" and "am I being punked?!" Awesome.

blue burger with onion rings & parmesan
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my favorite bad-ass bitch
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After our meal my sweetie spotted this double awesome slot machine! He knows how much I love her. I was looking for Bailiff Byrd but didn't see him on the wheel. We were running late but I pleaded to play $5 worth. I lost. If JJ had been there I know she would've offered some words of wisdom like, "that's baloney!"

01 February 2013