04 January 2013

last weekend in vegas
We had a lot of fun in Vegas last weekend despite my honey caught a cold. Had dinner at N9Ne in the Palms, one of our favorite places. Their food is chronically amazing. 

Bleu cheese. Not until the next day I realized that it was on the Wedge salad, burger and in the cole slaw. My boyfriend asked, "what about the water?" Omg.

I sat down to play 21 and the dealer hit Blackjack two hands in a row. Got up and left. If that's not a sign, than I don't know what is!

photos by pinkfrosting_xo

Went to pick up food for dinner at 24Seven. They never came to take my order. Kinda bummed. Their food is really tasty and normally they're attentive. Went to Earl of Sandwich instead and found that I love their Club panini. 

Saw my niece and her family a few days ago. Hadn't seen them in a couple of months. The baby will turn 2 in March. I love her beyond words. <3

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