30 January 2013

We had the most awesome weekend. Stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, went to a friend's wedding, ate incredible food & drank yummy cocktails. 

fresh-baked at the vip check-in
photo by pinkfrosting_xo
It's always been one of my favorite places, a sort of home away from home. I wish I could purchase one of their suites.  A rockin' life and order room service every day. But for now, it's always fun to be a guest in their Paradise Tower.

I think we ate the whole weekend. Went to Gordon Ramsay Steak, Burgr by Gordon Ramsay, Tao Asian Bistro and the buffet at Wynn. I enjoyed each bit of food with great zeal. I also got a note saying that I would be getting a spanking "in the near future" . . . naughty fortune cookie!

Aside from all the fun, laughter, heartfelt hugs,  
carb-overloading and sugar highs, one of the most incredible parts was that I won $200 on the blackjack table! Aahhh-fuckin'-mazing.

24 January 2013

We've been watching Homeland every night since my sweetie bought the DVDs. It's one of the  best dramas I have seen. There are only two more episodes and then it's on to season 2.

18 January 2013

photo by pinkfrosting_xo

Unfortunately I wasn't granted my free cup. The barista said they had stopped the offer the day before. F*ck.

Got my Holly's World seasons 1 & 2 DVDs in the mail today. I had watched them on E! when they premiered but hadn't seen them in awhile. It's fun viewing all the fun places that my boyfriend and I go to when we're visiting Vegas. There were some things that I hadn't remembered and it includes deleted never-before-seen footage.
Now I'm craving nachos!

17 January 2013

Busy Phillips was on Anderson Cooper's talk show yesterday. I don't really care for him interviewing celebs, it kind of makes me nervous with his giddiness and awkward jokes. I do love his more serious investigative reporting.

I really only watch the show when someone I like is on. Kim Kelly has always been one of my all-time fave smart-asses who always seemed to be tight-roping between rock hard and marshmallow. You would have to probe your atennae out on whatever day it was. One of the most touching episodes was when she and Linds ran over Millie's dog.

What about the one with Rashida Jones!?! She portrayed a wiry wisp of a girl who could kick your butt with one glare. In a Journey baseball tee & neon pink lipstick she writes "GEEK" on Sam's locker and spews to Nick, "my problem is your face, dirtbag!" The pairing of Kim & Karen was unstoppable and totally hilarious.

The really cool thing is that Anderson found out that Busy loves to read comments left for celebrity interviews on the internet so he had one of the staff mock up a tabloid cover with their photos with a title like Anderson Gets "Busy." Pretty cute!

09 January 2013

Something amazing today: found a bird and her nest in the top corner in the roof of my porch. Second time it happened. Must be a good spot. 

One reason why California is awesome: dolphin stampede in Dana Point. Thousands.
Check them out on YouTube.

07 January 2013

photo by pinkfrosting_xo
Here is a post for my sweetheart. I've been craving Pop Tarts lately, so I went into my archives to find this picture. Liz Lemon even had one in her mouth.

04 January 2013

last weekend in vegas
We had a lot of fun in Vegas last weekend despite my honey caught a cold. Had dinner at N9Ne in the Palms, one of our favorite places. Their food is chronically amazing. 

Bleu cheese. Not until the next day I realized that it was on the Wedge salad, burger and in the cole slaw. My boyfriend asked, "what about the water?" Omg.

I sat down to play 21 and the dealer hit Blackjack two hands in a row. Got up and left. If that's not a sign, than I don't know what is!

photos by pinkfrosting_xo

Went to pick up food for dinner at 24Seven. They never came to take my order. Kinda bummed. Their food is really tasty and normally they're attentive. Went to Earl of Sandwich instead and found that I love their Club panini. 

Saw my niece and her family a few days ago. Hadn't seen them in a couple of months. The baby will turn 2 in March. I love her beyond words. <3

01 January 2013

It's a new year!

Omg, i love when people says it 2K13. Lol.

Wishing happiness to the world. Love, smiles & many hugs. Make it beautiful.

Ps: never did get my Starbucks hanging Christmas tree ornament. i got a cookie instead. :)